Plans for New Jersey’s seat of government to move forward


The Jersey government is moving forward with controversial plans to redevelop its headquarters in St Helier – despite the accusations, it was not transparent.

A proposal to delay the development of the Maison Cyril Le Marquand site in St Helier was defeated in the Assembly of States this afternoon (March 24).

Ministers announced plans to redevelop the site last month, with the ambition to see the project signed with the developer by May.

However, they were accused of not acting transparently or by allowing sufficient time for adequate scrutiny.

ITV News understands project could cost between £ 90m and £ 130m. Senator Kristina Moore, who tabled the proposal, said openness and transparency had been important themes of the past year and that the government should “welcome our calls for further consideration of this important project. “.

Ministers announced their intention to sign contracts with the government-owned Jersey Development Company to develop the Broad Street site in January.

But barely a month later, he announced that he had withdrawn from this decision and that he would seek to sign contracts with the private developer Dandara to redevelop the site of the existing headquarters of the Maison Cyril Le Marquand.

Senator Moore said that at this point the review called for more detail because the report was “limited.”

However, the chief minister said the original developer changed their case after their deal and the government had no choice but to switch from the preferred bidder to its reserve.

He added that each month the project was delayed would cost taxpayers around £ 1million.

Others, supporting the project, said the Assembly has a reputation for dragging its feet on important projects and its real estate portfolio contains too many unused buildings.

MP Hugh Raymond said the debate was “frustrating”.

“I cannot accept the situation we find ourselves in,” he said. “Our real estate portfolio is a disgrace.

The Assembly voted against the proposal with 20 votes in favor and 25 against.


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