NJAGC 2022 Conference, Hybrid Event: Explore, Discover, Engage


All areas of study will be included as well as assessment, identification, social and emotional issues, and curriculum differentiation for identified students. Speakers will discuss effective strategies for including and retaining students of color in gifted programs and New Jersey’s Strengthening Gifted and Talented Education Act, which took effect in January 2020.

Participants can attend in person or virtually. The cost to attend in person is $159 for members and $219 for non-members. The cost to attend virtually is $94 for members and $114 for non-members. Breakfast and lunch will be provided, courtesy of the NJAGC for on-site attendees. Participants will receive credit for six hours of professional development.

Dr. Marcia Gentry’s keynote address will be “Equity, Access, and Missingness: Gifted, Talented, and Creative Youth in New Jersey.” Gentry directs the Gifted Education Research and Resource Institute at Purdue University, where she works with doctoral students and engages in gifted education research and professional development. Gentry remains active in the field serving NAGC and AERA (American Educational Research Association) and writing, reviewing and presenting research aimed at improving education for children, youth and teachers. She focuses on underserved populations and on creating an equitable and socially just domain.

For more information, call (908) 342-4487 or email [email protected]. To visit njagc.org save.


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