New Training Materials: “Creating Safe Workplaces in New Jersey Politics”


The #MeToo movement has revealed that sexual harassment occurs in all types of work environments and industries, but harassment in the political sphere includes additional challenges and concerns. One concern is that campaign workers are often volunteers, interns or people just starting out in their careers who are unaware of legal prohibitions against harassment. While sexual harassment often results in an abuse of power, a significant power imbalance is inherent in the campaign setting. The vast majority of people experiencing harassment do not raise concerns or complaints, even when internal resources exist. Many campaign environments and legislative offices lack in-house resources such as traditional human resources or equal employment opportunity departments, and as a result, lack clear ways for workers to request help or report problems. These factors leave an extremely vulnerable population feeling helpless in an environment where inappropriate conduct can run rampant if left unchecked, causing serious harm.

Educational Video and Toolkit: “Creating Safe Workplaces in NJ Politics”

It’s been nearly five years since the 2017 #MeToo movement shone a spotlight on the issue of sexual harassment, sexual assault and other forms of harassment, discrimination, retaliation and bullying in the workplace, exposing flaws and areas needing improvement. protections. Many in New Jersey have sought to turn that awareness into action. These actions included laws (some of which have been passed and some of which remain pending) as well as the formation of working groups to examine issues and come up with recommendations.


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