NEA RA delegates visit Chicago


Some delegates will participate remotely

Nearly 7,000 delegates attend the National Education Association Representative Assembly (NEA RA). Delegates are responsible for setting policy for the organization of 3 million members. New Jersey sends between 500 and 600 delegates to the NEA RA, which this year will take place in Chicago from July 2-6, and online from across the country. New Jersey delegates attending in person are scheduled to arrive in Chicago July 1 and return home July 7.

State delegates to the NEA RA were elected in April according to the procedures outlined in the January 2022 NJEA Review. Local Association delegates were also elected through locally approved processes and, in some cases, as local delegates for Local Association groups with fewer than 76 members.

At the NEA RA, delegates vote on amendments to the NEA constitution, bylaws, and bylaws. They also vote on proposed resolutions and new business items, setting out NEA’s policy and position statements. Many of these actions directly impact NEA members in New Jersey.

Delegates will elect members of the NEA Executive Committee as well as positions on the NEA Board of Directors. In the event of a vacancy of an NEA officer or other Executive Committee position, these may also be filled by the RA of the NEA.

Submission of business elements for 2022

The Committee on Constitution, Bylaws and Rules (CCBR) is now accepting business submissions for consideration at the 2022 Representative Assembly. All items must be submitted using this email link. Only RA 2022 delegates can submit papers.

The deadlines for cases are as follows:

  • New Commercial Item (NBI): June 18
  • Change your original PNB: June 30
  • Legislative change: July 3
  • Amendment to policy statement: July 3
  • Amendment of resolutions: July 3
  • Motion (use this option to edit any submitted item)
  • Constitutional amendment (for 2023 only)

Delegates can collect signatures, if needed, electronically using any format. For your convenience, you can download this form and enter the names of delegates who have agreed to sign your article. You can download the completed signature form when submitting your article via the electronic linkor bring a hard copy to the CCBR at the front of the stage during the AR.

Visit the for more resources on NEA RA delegates and other information. Questions can be directed to NEA Committee on Constitution, Bylaws and Rules.


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