Mazzeo, Armato, Fitzpatrick approved by the New Jersey Education Association


Atlantic County, New Jersey – Senate candidate Vince Mazzeo and Assembly candidates John Armato and Caren Fitzpatrick receive critical endorsement from the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA). NJEA approvals signify a candidate’s strong support for public education and are decided regardless of political party, as evidenced by Senator Chris Brown’s previous approval.

“The NJEA and its Atlantic County Chapter are strong advocates for our children and New Jersey’s premier education system,” said MP Vince Mazzeo. “I am honored to receive their approval and to continue to work with their members to ensure that Atlantic County schools receive their fair share of funding and that their contribution is included in the schools plan for reopening to the fall.”

“It is an honor to be supported again by the NJEA,” said Assembly member John Armato. “As a union member while also being an HVAC technician, I understand the importance and strength of the NJEA and its Atlantic County Chapter as they work with their school communities to plan for reopenings. safety this fall so that our children can return to education in person. ”

“New Jersey has one of the best education systems in the country thanks to the hard-working teachers and education professionals in the NJEA and I am proud to have obtained their endorsement,” said the County Commissioner of Atlantic, Caren Fitzpatrick. “I look forward to working with the NJEA and its members at the General Assembly to ensure Atlantic County receives its fair share of school funding and that we continue to equip our children with the tools to be successful. “

“The NJEA and its members are the driving force behind our first public education system here in New Jersey, and these candidates have won their support. This endorsement draws attention to the stark differences between Vince Mazzeo and the failed candidate Vince Polistina. When Polistina was in the legislature ten years ago, he sold our hard-working teachers to Chris Christie and refused to support the funding of their retirement. Unlike Polistina, Vince Mazzeo, John Armato, and Caren Fitzpatrick believe it is the government’s responsibility to pay its bills. said campaign manager Paul Weborg.

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