Jeff Van Drew has always been a “figure of confusion” in New Jersey politics. Changing groups didn’t change that. | Government-and-politics



“Jeff wasn’t always a 100% participant, let’s put it that way,” Norcross said.

When Van Drew sides with the Republicans, it’s often on votes that Trump supporters are keenly interested in.

Hours after the fatal insurgency on Capitol Hill by a pro-Trump mob demanding an election overturn, Van Drew voted to reject Pennsylvania’s results. New Jersey Republican member Chris Smith opposed the quashing of the results.

Van Drew does not dispute the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s election, but has said he voted against the results because he questioned the constitutionality of changes to electoral rules last year.

He acknowledged that his vote could be interpreted as an endorsement of Trump’s stolen election lies. But he said some of his constituents shared his concerns about the integrity of the elections.

“No one is going to win or lose an election on this basis,” he said.

Democrats bet he’s wrong. A group called “Who’s Van Drew?” Held rallies outside his office in Mays Landing, drawing attention to issues where Van Drew has “turned around.”

Van Drew has voted against several bills he has co-sponsored, including one that includes extending postal voting and public campaign funding, and another for extending gun background checks. He also voted against Biden’s sweeping coronavirus relief bill.



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