College of New Jersey Education Majors Adopt Trenton Central High School Library



Trenton Central High School Clock Tower. File photo from February 2009.

EWING – It’s no mystery that conditions at Trenton Central High School are less than ideal.

In response, the College of New Jersey Secondary Teachers Association, which includes education students, adopted the library of the aging institution as part of a project called “Adopt-A-Classroom.” . The project allows educators to register their classes that need help, and it allows benefactors to select and support their needs.

“We liked the idea that it was close to TCNJ in a school that could really use our help,” said SETA co-chair Amanda Wegman. “Since this project was about the library, not an individual classroom, our efforts might be appreciated by all the students in the school rather than a few classes.”

The group’s first effort was to purchase new curtains for the space, replacing the drab, ten-year-old fabrics there.

“We were able to purchase new, brightly colored curtains for each of the library’s eight arched windows,” Wegman said.

In addition, the student organization organized a small book drive in December which raised more than 50 books to add to the library shelves.

“I’m really happy that we were able to help Trenton High, even though it was something as small as putting new curtains in the library,” said Bridget McManus, SETA Advertising Co-Chair, who helped coordinate the event.

“There is a lot in the news about the physical condition of TCHS, and it frustrates me that nothing is being done to fix it,” she said.

“Even though installing curtains is a small task compared to fixing plaster falling from ceilings in classrooms and asbestos in the auditorium, I am so happy that we were able to brighten up the library for the TCHS community. “

Following this year’s efforts, SETA plans to continue participating in the program to further improve conditions at TCHS, one classroom at a time.

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